Consignment Vs Resale Vs Thrift

  • What Really Is The Difference?

  • Consignment means that a store sells your items for you, in return for a percentage of the selling price.

    Resale means that the store buys your items upfront and pays either cash or store credit.

    Thrift means that the store is a “not for profit” store and is selling donated items. They are usually associated with a Church or Charity and must meet State Regulations to operate as a Thrift store.

    As a rule, you will make much more money with a Consignment store. Yes, you do have to wait for your items to sell but because the selling price is known, you really know exactly what your items are worth. The Quality is much higher with a consignment store where you will find “like new” items at a fraction of retail prices.

    With Resale, because the store is taking a chance on the selling price, they will pay considerably less for your items.

    With Thrift stores the prices are usually lower, because the store does not have to pay for their inventory, but the quality is also lower because they usually sell anything that is brought to them as a donation.

  • Benefits of Consignment at The Stork & Fashion Exchange

  • 1. You make more money!

    2. Cash is available 3 days after your item sells

    3. If your items do not sell…you can have them back at the end of the consignment period.

    4. Always room for Toys, Equipment & Furniture…Bring it when YOU need to sell it!

    5. Once you are on the Kid’s Clothing Schedule…NO RESTRICTIONS on the # of items allowed!

    6. You can sell Women’s, Maternity, Baby, Kid’s & Teens Clothing all at 1 convenient location.